Editing Services

OPTIC NERVE PRODUCTION – on arts projects featuring contemporary composers and performers from the Institute of Music Research, Royal Academy of Music, Cambridge University, and Kingston University.  Also for Optic Nerve – Offline Editor ‘Arrows of Desire’ 4 x 24′ programmes for Channel4  – English poetry for secondary schools – Gold Camera Awards, Arts and Education categories, US Film, TV & Video Festival.

ONE ONE 2 MEDIA – subtitling English language programmes into French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Russian.

TEACHERS TV – Video Editor at Big Heart Media, and Brook Lapping Productions.  Education programmes and series about language, music and teaching resources for Teachers TV – a government funded TV Channel.

YORK FILMS – Offline Editor ‘Spacefiles’ 26 x 10′ programmes – astronomy and cosmology:  the planets, their moons, the Sun, the Galaxy, & the Universe beyond –   International broadcast including BBC Education and Discovery;  ‘Stargazing’ 6 x 30′ programmes – an atlas of what can be seen in the night sky – iinternational broadcast & DVD sale.

4LEARNING CLIPBANK ONLINE – Offline Editor, Calyx TV – 185 sequences, running time 8 hours, drawn from 250,000 hours of Reuters/ITN Archive material – Channel4 Television online for schools, history curriculum.